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Paragon Draft Night!

in PC: General by Xink - Jul 18th 2016
Paragon Draft Night! CyberGamer is proud to announce our weekly Paragon Draft Night! You do not a need a team for this event to participate for as this is a pug tournament. Captains will be chosen, and allowed to pick 1 player to join their roster. The remaining 3 players will be chosen at random and placed your team. This is a single elimination tournament and will take place on our Discord.


Start your own gaming site!

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - Jun 23rd 2016
Start your own gaming site! Hi everyone, i'd like to find out if there's any interest out there for other communities to license a white-label version of CyberGamer's website software.

Your website would be on your domain under your brand name and we would host it for you. You would essentially pay us a monthly fee that covers the hosting of your site plus some kind of software license fee. We would waive the license fee for the first several customers in return for helping to beta test.

Click Read more for more information.

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OverWatch Tournaments and League News

in PC: General by Xink - Jun 17th 2016
OverWatch Tournaments and League News CyberGamer has announced our OverWatch weekly tournament schedule. We have tournaments every day, leading up a to free $500 monthly final. We have also moved back the registration period for the OverWatch Summer League to June 25th.Match schedule will be announced on the June 27th, matches starting on June 28th. Be sure to show your support and get involved!

Tournament List
League Sign ups


Overwatch Summer League Announced!

in PC: General by Xink - Jun 8th 2016
Overwatch Summer League Announced! CyberGamer is happy to announce our Overwatch Summer League! It's finally here and we have partnered with HYPE and the COW Discord Community to provide media coverage for this Season. This Summer League will consist of an Amateur (CGa) and Open (CGo) division. This article will detail everything from maps, scheduling and format.


CyberGamer Premium

in PC, PS, XBOX by Asterix - May 2nd 2016
CyberGamer Premium Hello everyone, I've added a "weekly premium goal" bar to the right column of the website. This will run from Monday to Sunday each week, hopefully the modest goal can be reached most weeks.

CyberGamer relies on CG premium to meet our server hosting costs. CyberGamer is entirely run by volunteers and relies on CG premium to function. Some people have the opinion that CG makes tons of money and I'm swimming in cash, unfortunately this is not the case and CG does not pay me a wage and I've actually loaned CyberGamer money several times over the years when a payment to us has been delayed.

All money CyberGamer receives from our sponsors and advertisers is 100% spent every month on events, prizes, servers, etc. Premium is the only source of income that has any room to actually be saved and to give us some freedom.


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How to: Tournament System

in PC: General by Xink - Feb 28th 2016
How to: Tournament System Hello everyone,

With a new site comes confusion so we have written up a simple 'How To' guide so you know the ins and outs of the system for your first tournament.

If there is anything you feel we've missed that you'd like covered please let us know by posting below. Additionally if you have any ideas for future improvements to the system we are always happy to hear from you.


Insurgency- What it is and why you should pla...

in by topher5g - Mar 14th 2014
Insurgency- What it is and why you should play it. Click "Read More" for the full article.


Project Eternity ... or Pillars of Eternity ?

in ALL by Sensuki - Oct 29th 2013
Project Eternity ... or Pillars of Eternity ? A short update from Obsidian Entertainment this week on Project Eternity ... or should I say Pillars of Eternity ... as the title of their backer website bears a new name for the game - not officially announced just yet though, I think that was probably a slip up.


Astro A30 and A40 Review - Win an A30!

in ALL, PC: All Games by Jonn - Sep 22nd 2013
Astro A30 and A40 Review - Win an A30! Astro Gaming are renowned in the console scene as providing high quality headsets to the competitive gaming market. They kindly sent us an Astro A40 Audio System and an Astro A30 headset to scrutinise and play with, and you can find out our thoughts on them within the article! Just click 'Read More'.


Project Eternity Environment Demonstration &...

in ALL by Sensuki - Apr 16th 2013
Project Eternity Environment Demonstration & FAQ Environment demonstration of Project Eternity and some FAQs about the game for non-backers.


Interview with Josh Sawyer of Obsidian Entert...

in ALL: All Games by Sensuki - Oct 24th 2012
Interview with Josh Sawyer of Obsidian Entertainment Sensuki catches up with Josh Sawyer from Obsidian Entertainment about their upcoming crowd-funded RPG, Project Eternity.


Tt eSports Shock One Headset Review

in PC: All Games by Prufrock - Aug 18th 2012
Tt eSports Shock One Headset Review The Shock One Gaming Headset from Thermaltake is a great accessory for any gamer wishing to not only enjoy their experience even more, but also for competitive players seeking the most out of any edge gained from great sound in-game...

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