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Competition information
Finding Opponents
- Teams can challenge up to 5 teams at a time
- Challenger offers 5 maps, defender accepts 2
- Times can be scheduled for future dates
- If both teams are Ready, you can challenge them instantly

Best of 3
- First 2 on Payload / Hybrid Maps
- Tie breaker(3rd map KOTH) on Lijiang Tower, Nepal, or Ilios. (No duplicate Heros allowed)
- Challenging team Attacks first on first map, Defends on second map
- Higher Ranked team gets first Map Veto; alternating teams until two maps remain.
- Lower Ranked team gets map choice for tie breaker (Lijiang Tower, Nepal, or Illios)

Map Pool
- Dorado
- Hollywood
- Ilios
- KingsRow
- LijiangTower
- Nepal
- Numbani
- Route 66
- Watchpoint:Gibraltar
Ladder Information
Admins: Xink
Ladder unlocked 9:46pm 4/13/17 by Xink.
The Ladder time is: 26/7/17 - 7:45pm
This ladder is set to TURBO Mode, teams have less time to accept challenges and are able to offer dates very close into the future.

Ladder Time: 7:45pm, Wednesday 26th JulyOpen
Rank Team Name & Match Details Status
1 Dead By Dawn (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
2 Equinox (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
3 Team Respect.OW (0 player points)
Free to challenge or be challenged.
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