Project Eternity ... or Pillars of Eternity ?

Project Eternity Update 66: Backer Portal and Big things coming before Thanksgiving.

A short update from Obsidian Entertainment this week on Project Eternity ... or should I say Pillars of Eternity ... as the title of their backer website bears a new name for the game - not officially announced just yet though, I think that was probably a slip up.

There is a very special update coming the week before Thanksgiving in America. What it is exactly is being kept hush-hush but it will include the opening of the new Eternity website which includes the long-awaited Backer Portal where I, and hopefully some of you will be able to manage our pledges, select our add-ons and future access the game's updates and information.

I think it is highly likely that we'll get to see at least some new screenshots, but more likely a video demonstration of the game of a combat demo of some kind. I'll create another article when that update goes live - in the meantime here's today's one along with some older art.

Unbelievably, a year has passed by since we launched Project Eternity on Kickstarter, and a lot has happened. We’re almost to seventy project updates; we’ve made lots of levels, characters, classes, monsters, loot, and a whole lot more over the past year with more being made almost every day.

November’s right around the corner, and here in the States, we have an upcoming holiday called Thanksgiving near the end of the month. It’s supposed to be a time where we give thanks for the harvest and reflect on the past year.

It seemed rather appropriate to have a bigger than normal update coming before this holiday and we’re cooking a big one for you! This turkey dinner is going to be large and in charge... It’ll show a bunch of new stuff we haven’t shown anyone outside the studio yet and one of the side dishes coming with it is the new site.

All of our previous updates are now easily available in one place, easy to browse through and include futuristic RSS technology! We’ve also got a one-stop shop for all of the screenshots, wallpapers, artwork, and videos that we’ve released and will release.

On the left here, you can make sure all of the pledges you made are connected to your account. If you backed the game on Kickstarter and then later added money via PayPal, you can make sure that’s all been confirmed. If it doesn’t show up, you can link it in by providing the e-mail addresses you used if they don’t match.

…and then, confirm that your reward is correct, or maybe even upgrade if you like! Did you give maybe give us more money thinking you chose one reward tier but accidentally chose a lower one? No problem, you can fix that up. Oh, and slacker backers… you might have some upgrade opportunities… Onward is the addon screen where you can browse through the available addons and confirm those choices as well.

Then finalize everything! Don’t worry, even though you’ll be confirming your pledge selections, if you picked up physical rewards, you’ll be able to change your shipping address up to the point where we need to lock them. You’ve got plenty of time, and we’ll keep that open as long as we possibly can in case you move or want to have your stuff shipped elsewhere.

On the right there is our “Game” section of the site, where over the coming months more information and art about the various races, classes, characters, critters, and locations of interest in the game can be found.

OK, we’ll be back in a few short weeks… For those of you who have designs as part of your rewards, get your thinking caps on!

Below is an image from this week's update. This is the Player Stronghold (much like the one from Neverwinter Nights 2 and Baldur's Gate 2)

This screenshot shows the Stronghold in various stages of repair. You are given access to the Stronghold at the end of the first chapter of the game, it is in a state of total ruin and you can restore it to it's full glory with your own hard earned wealth and use it as a base of operations.

There is a very cool update on all that stuff here.

This is a screenshot of one of the Pillars of Adra, which probably has something to do with the main story and game's title.

This is one of the game's scripted interactions. Scripted interactions are a Darklands inspired interaction with the game world where you choose how to interact with an object in the game world. Very eloquent and old school - along with cool 2D art by Kazunori Aruga.

This is some concept work by Kazunori Aruga of Defiance Bay, the first Big City you will encounter in the game, and likely the place you will start the game as well (as you are a newcomer to the Dyrwood, it is likely that you arrive there by sea, like you did in Icewind Dale 2).
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