Insurgency- What it is and why you should play it.

Insurgency: what is it?

Insurgency is a PC and Mac title available from the Steam store, as most things tend to be on computers. It is based on the Source mod of the same name developed by New World
Interactive. It takes the first person shooting from a title such as Counter Strike and makes it a challenging and team associated experience. It uses a more defined system of movement which means you don’t have to sit there and take fire from your opponents. But as a counter to the fluid movement, bullets also do much more damage, it usually taking only a few to take down any opponent. This is a game which favors skill above all
else, which is found in the various ways to play cooperatively. The game has built in VOIP which means you should have a working microphone when hoping to play efficiently. It is extremely rewarding when you are the last member of the team left and accomplishing the objective with only seconds left on the clock.
The game features 6 game modes and 12 maps which mean you will not often find yourself
bored. The game also features various time cycles, which affect the lighting of the maps in real time, providing you with either advantages or disadvantages. There is an emerging competitive community over at who also provides new user maps. This game is not meant for everyone and if you have yet to play it, you should be a dedicated individual who favors teamwork over solo runs. That being said, it is probably the most hardcore experience you can find on steam right now, and with free constant updates from the developer, it’s only sure to get better as time goes on. So what are you still doing reading? Hop on over to Steam and give Insurgency a try!

- Isaacmo
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