The next few posts instruct users how to use the basic features of the website.

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  • General Forum Things
  • New Posts Since Last Visit
  • Embedding YouTube Video/Images
  • Thread Notifications
  • Changing Themes
  • User Control Panel


General Forum Things
The CyberGamer software currently has 4 different sections that each have a colour scheme and 2 main background colours.

These colours are Blue, Green, Orange and Red. Each one represents a different section of the site. Blue is PC, Green is xbox 360, Orange is PS3 and Red is PCPowerPlay. Each of these colours have two main backgrounds. Dark and Light. A comparison of each is shown below.

Depending on which is your default platform, your profile colour scheme will be that of the default platform.
PC - Dark vs. Light
As shown above, generally most things that have that style of blue are for PC related areas. Though there are a few exceptions as this is the default area and things that come under more than one forum section are blue.
XBOX360 - Dark vs. Light
The image shown above shows the two colour schemes that relate to XBOX360.
PS3 - Dark vs. Light
The image shown above shows the two colour schemes that relate to PS3.
The image shown above shows the two colour schemes that relate to PCPowerPlay. PCPowerPlay is a media partner for CyberGamer Australia. PCPowerPlay use the CyberGamer software and their colour scheme is Red. More information can be found HERE.

New Posts Since Last Visit
In this image the box that surrounds "Forum Feedback" is a darker colour than "Read Before Posting". This means that the forum hasn't had any new posts since your last visit. Also, the green and grey arrow on the right hand side indicates the same thing. (Green for unread new posts, grey for no new posts).

Embedding YouTube Video/Images
To embed a YouTube Video into a post. Go to the YouTube page where you watch the video and copy the link.

Once the link has been copied paste that link into the "Post Area"
The CyberGamer software will then automatically embed the video.

This is the same for images. Just add the full URL into the "Post Area" and the image will appear once posted.

If you want to hyper-link to the image or YouTube video then use the URL button below the "Post Area" or you can type in the tags:

Typing that will make the YouTube video appear like below:
Charlie the Unicorn 3

Thread Notifications
There are two things you can do to watch a thread.

  1. Post in the chosen thread
  2. Go to the top of the thread and click on "Subscribe to thread"

If anyone has posted once you have subscribed to a thread there are 4 main ways to see it.

  1. In the smart bar a icon like this will appear . Once you click on the bar, there will be a link with the details of the subscribed thread
  2. If the option is enabled in your profile, an email will be sent to you.
  3. Go to the main page of PCPP or CG and click on the "Subscribed" tab under "Latest Activity"
  5. Get notifications via SMS after being upgraded to "Premium

Changing Theme
To change the theme of the website, visit the top of the page and press the A

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User Control Panel Contents

  • Accessing the User Control Panel
  • Avatars
  • Getting Wide Screen Forums
  • Achievements
  • Adding STEAM ID/CoD GUID

User Control Panel

Edit Profile

Editing your profile is very simple. Simply scroll down your profile and you can edit Profile Display Pic, General Information, CG Buddies, Forum Activity, Fun Facts, Game Information and PC Rig Information.

Accessing the User Control Panel

To access the user control panel, go to the header bar and click on your name. (see image below)


Click on "PERSONAL LINKS" in the smart bar (see below) and click on "Your Profile"



Change Usernames or Password

You can change your username and password without needing to create a new account. Though you can only change it three times per 4 months (to stop confusion).

To do this, click on the pencil button in the 'General Information' section.

The section will expand and you have the ability to change your username. Once you have changed your username hit the 'SAVE' button. the site may ask you to log back in again. You may also change your password in the same way, you must enter your current password. Then enter in a new password twice. Again the site may ask you to log back in again.


To upload a new avatar, visit your control panel and scroll down to "Forum Activity". Click on the pencil.
When you have done that, go to "My Avatar" and click choose file. CyberGamer will then upload your avatar and adjust it's size the images size to fit the avatar box.

Avatar information:
Size: 106x107px
If you would like an animated avatar it needs to be exactly that size. Otherwise CyberGamer software will adjust the size of it and that changes it to a non animated image.

Getting Widescreen Forums

Go to the user control panel and scroll down to "Forum Activity". Click on the the pencil.
Then a box should appear; at the bottom of the box there is a drop down that says "Wide Mode". Select "Enabled/Automatic" the "Save"


On any users profile page there is an area for achievements. These achievements are vast and there is no list of what they all are.

Some of the common ones are:

  • Created a public thread with over 1,000 views
  • Created a public thread that received 10,000 Views
  • Created a public thread that received 25,000 Views
  • Created a public thread that received 50,000 Views
  • Created a public thread that received 100,000 Views
  • Competed in an invite standard competition
  • Completed Profile
  • Konami Master
  • 1,000 forum posts!
  • Upgraded to a CG Premium Account!
  • Excellent Forum Poster
  • Fast Private Message reply!
  • 1337 Thread Viewer


To add your STEAM ID or COD GUID simply join any CyberGamer Server (CoD Server for CoD GUID, Steam Server for Steam ID). The CyberGamer software then gets your IP Address from ingame and attaches the GUID/STEAM ID with a profile that matches that IP Address.

The list of servers can be found HERE.

Until CyberGamer release public servers (which they are planning on doing soon) you will need to either play a match to join the server. Or find a server that has a default CyberGamer name such as CounterStrike: Source Server #1 and use the default password which is "fun".

If the default password isn't "fun" please contact a game administrator via support and request the default server password.

NOTE: To make things easier please send it to the right game area.

You can also add it manually to your profile under the "Game Information" tab.

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Team/Organisation Management Contents

  • Creating a team
  • Joining a ladder
  • Leaving a ladder

Team/Organisation Management

Creating a team

To create a team visit this link HERE. This will take you to the screen that contains this:
From here you just need to enter all the details that it requests and click on "Complete".

Once this has been completed you will be taken to a screen that is your teams page. It contains all the members, a biography, your teams current ranking and more. This screen also allows for more personalisation of the team such as adding a team logo and a Team XML feed for adding information to your website. An example of how to use the Team XML feed can be found HERE.

Joining a ladder

Once you have created a team (see above). Visit the ladder page of the game that you have just created a team for. E.G. If it was BFBC2 for PC, I would visit this link HERE.

Once at the page that you have created that team for. There is a button on the right hand side of the page that says "Request to Join". It looks like this:

After you have clicked on it, you will either be automatically entered into the ladder or moved into a "Waiting Pool" depending on the ladder settings.

Leaving a ladder

To leave or quit a ladder, visit your teams page. Under the team logo in the section "General Details" click on the pencil.
Click on the "Leave Ladder" button (shown above).

After you have clicked on leave ladder, there will be two message boxes that appear confirming that you would like to leave the ladder.

NOTE: Once you have left the ladder you can rejoin just by following the "Joining a ladder" step shown above. Though you will start at the bottom of the ladder, not where you quit the ladder.

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Smart Bar Contents

  • Live Chat
  • Pugbots
  • -What is a Pug?

    -Joining a PUG

    -Creating a PUG

    -Setting PUG Settings

    -Starting a pug
  • Notifications
  • Mail
  • Buddies
  • Personal Links

Smart Bar

The notification bar appears at the bottom of any page on the CyberGamer Network. This bar is permanently at the bottom of the page and looks like this:
The Smart Bar

This area has most of the advanced features of the site, such as live chat, PUGBOT's (Pick Up Game BOT), notifications to watched threads, game challenges, support tickets etc, Private Messages, Buddies and Personal Links.

Live Chat
Still being implemented on to PCPP website.

To use the live chat for the time being, you must be on the website or

What is a PUG?
PUG's stand for Pick Up Games. These are games where you and a group of others (no limit as it is dependant on the game, Left 4 Dead is 4v4 or 2v2, Heroes of Newerth is 5v5) are randomly put on 2 teams together. These teams then get told to join a server or a game together and play out a normal CyberGamer match, using CyberGamer rules. The creator of the pug, chooses the game settings.

A PUGBOT is the system that the website uses to set up and display these matches.

Joining a PUG:
Click on the "PUGBOTS" link (in the smart bar), a box should appear with the links PC/XBOX360/PS3 or just PC, depending on which CyberGamer you are on.

After clicking on the platform you want to play on, a list of the currently running PUG's will appear if there are any.
An active PUG

Simply click on "Join Now!" or the title of the PUG and you will be connected to the pug.

Creating a PUG:
To create a new pug, open up the PUGBOT's screen. Once opened click on "Create a New PUG".

This will bring up a screen as below:
Selecting which game to create a PUG for

Select the game that you wish to start the pug for and hit "Save". This will bring up the "Live Chat" system.

Setting PUG Settings:
Once the PUG has been created (see above), click on the wrench icon that is located to the left of people in the pug.
Wrench Icon

After this has been clicked, a box will appear that will show all the possible settings that can be changed. This is generally the map you wish to play, the gametype and the amount of players to be in the PUG.
PUG Settings for Left 4 Dead 2 PUG

Click on "Save".

Starting a PUG: (No screen shots, couldn't get a PUG started)
After all the required players have joined the administrator of the PUG game has to click on start game. After he does this, there is a time period 90 second period where the other users in the pug have to "Ready Up" by clicking on the button that appears.

Once everyone has "Ready Up"'ed, the PUGBOT will post in the Live Chat, all the server details for you to join the match. It will also post who is on which team.

This link opens a box that lists notifications that apply to you. An example of this is below:
An example of some notifications

The things listed in this box are things to do with:

  • Support Tickets
  • Team notifications (joining/leaving teams)
  • Match Challenges
  • Reply's to threads/topics
  • Plus more

Clicking on this opens up your unread messages and can link to all your read mail.
Clicking on an unread message opens up the box that displays the message and a multi-lined text box for your reply.

As the buddies system is tied in with the live chat, this will not work 100% till chat is finished. (This works on the CyberGamer domain. Disabled on PCPP.)

Clicking on buddies opens up a list of your online buddies. Clicking on your buddies name will open up an instant message window allowing you to real-time chat with them.

Personal Links
This area contains most of the links for clan management and personal management.
An example of what Personal Links can contain

This allows you to access private forums for your clan/team and links to your team management page and your profile.

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