Hello and welcome to Cybergamer's USA Graphics and Design section. This thread is just an run through of all the forum rules and some guidelines as to how you should post.

Below, you will find all you need to know about the Graphics and Design section.

What is this section for?
The graphics and design section is a place for designers to meet and show off their skills as well as to learn some new skills and resources to help improve their work. It is also an area where the community can request signatures, logos, clan logos or just anything graphical.

Making Threads
There is a very simple way of organising the GFX section here and by following the guide lines below, it makes it very easy and smooth running. All threads will have an appropriate prefix on them depending on what type of thread they are.
There are 6 different prefixes. When making a thread, choose the appropriate one out of the following:

  • [Req] - Request a sig, avatar, etc.
  • [Tut] - Tutorial.
  • [Help] - Help Needed.
  • [CnC] - Comments and Constructive Criticism.
  • [Showcase] - Showcase of your work.
  • [Sig Shop] - Single or multiple user making graphics in one thread.
  • [Theme] - For non requests, designs make graphics for fun around the theme posted.
  • [Other] - For all other types not listed above.

These are request threads. If you are looking for a job to be done, please create one with this prefix and then add a proper thread name to it.
[Req] Sig for dalla
[Req] Clan Logo
[Req] Avatar for dalla

These are Tutorial threads. If you are going to post a tutorial, please post it using this prefix as well as a thread name depending on what type of Tut it is.
[Tut] Beginners Guide to Backgrounds
[Tut] Focal Signature

These threads are for help or advice. These threads are not for posting an image and then asking for CnC. They can range from technical problems to new fonts.
[Help] Need fonts
[Help] Photoshop Problems
[Help] Saving PSD's

CnC Threads are threads that users can use to get feedback on their works. These threads should usually contain 1-3 works. If it is more than 3 works, please use the Showcase tag.
CnC means comments and constructive criticism.

Showcase threads are designed to show off any works that you have created. These threads can contain as many images as you want and are designed for people to give you criticism or just so you can make yourself feel like an established designer. Thread name should include the prefix as well as your forum name and a number depending on what showcase it is.
These threads can also be designed for people to post joint works for motivation or as reference pictures for upcoming designers or just for a single image that you need CnC.
[Showcase] Dalla 01 - (First Showcase)
[Showcase] Dalla 02 - (Second)
[Showcase] Dalla 03 - (Third)
[Showcase] My Top 5
[Showcase] <ClanName> Logo's

[Sig Shop]
These threads are for people who are running sig shops. Sig shops is where a designer takes requests in his thread and tries to cater for the person requesting it.
[Sig Shop] Snowy's
[Sig Shop] Bench's

Use this prefix if the other prefixes do not fill the criteria for your thread.

GFX Requests
When requesting an image, it helps the designers here if you supply them with some information as to what you are looking for in it. Try to make sure it is detailed but not a 200 word essay.

An ideal request would be something like:

Quote from Sample Request:
Hey guys, I'm looking for a signature. I'd prefer to have a teal colour scheme with this render. Can I get the text saying "~dalla." in a font that suits the style of the sig.

As you can see, I have provided information as to what kind of image, what colour, what render and what the text says. Feel free to add any more information that you see is needed in the thread. Remember, the more details you provide, the easier it is for somebody to fulfil your request.

Posting in the GFX section
When posting in the GFX section, please abide by these rules:

  • Avoid making posts just saying "Nice Work." Please give the designer some form of CnC. Even if you see it is flawless, there must be something you like about it that you can say to make the designer feel a furthered sense of accomplishment. Repeated posting will now be seen as post boosting and will be removed. If it continues, further action will be taken.
  • If you dislike the designers work, avoid posting something such as "it looks absolutely atrocious." Part of commenting on designers work is giving them CnC. You can always point out what they have executed well in their work and tell them what they need to improve. Remember, we are all human and have feelings.
  • Do not post other peoples work and claim it as your own.
  • Do not post in other peoples threads requesting works (Exception to Sig Shops)
  • Do not post anything off topic.
  • Do not be abusive.
  • Do not post anything in regard to the piracy of any licensed software as it is illegal.

Will be updated

Q. My request thread was ignored. What should I do?
A. Rather than making a duplicate thread, please just bump your previous threads. All duplicate threads will be removed.

Q. What does CnC mean?
A. CnC generally means Comments and Criticism or Constructive Criticism. Please do not think of it as somebody having a go at your work as they are just trying to help you improve.
For more information on CnC, I went and found a good guide on dA by Soulblade35

Q. What does Blending mean?
A. Blending often refers to blending a render into a the actual work. You will often see people say "the render needs to be blended." This is because the render that was added just looks like it has been slapped on and has no depth in the graphic what so ever.

Q. What are the image sizes on Cybergamer?
A. With the advent of CyberGamer 3.0, the size of most user made content has been changed, so here is a list of the new current dimensions.

Avatars - 106x107px
Portraits - 198x205px
Team Logos - 198x205px
Signatures - 539x50
Premium Signatures - 539x100

Q. How do I get a picture to appear in my post?
A. All you need to do is simply copy the direct image URL into your post and the system will automatically make it show up in your post. It is also ok to add the [IMG] tags however, they will just be removed in your post.

If you require a website to host your images, you cannot pass Imageshack or Photobucket. When you upload your image, they will both provide you the direct link to your image.
An example of this from Photobucket can be shown in the following image.

Q. Why does it say I've been banned?
A. Inappropriate behaviour in the Graphics district will result to a lengthy ban. This is primarily due to the graphics section not being used that often. If you require any graphics needs whilst you are banned, please contact the moderator who has banned you to appeal your case.

Q. Where can I get a copy of the Cybergamer Logo?
A. The new Cybergamer v3.0 logos can be found here. This includes a PDF which shows all of the logos, scales to whatever resolution is required.

The old CG logos can be downloaded here.

Q. What is the Cybergamer font?
A. The Cybergamer font is called Bauer and can be downloaded from here.

Q. What program should I use to make some 1337 graphics?
A. I personally use Photoshop CS4. It is rather expensive and if you are going to get it, I'd highly suggest that you download the 30 day trial from If you like it then you can get it yourself. You can also use a program called GIMP for free.
All threads regarding downloading Photoshop will be removed.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the nearest Graphics moderator.

If there is anything you require, don't hesitate to contact a moderator for help. We're occasionally on the lookout for knowledgeable and helpful staff here so if feel that you should become a moderator, feel free apply Asterix and he can take it from there.

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