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Hello everyone,

With a new site comes confusion so we have written up a simple 'How To' guide so you know the ins and outs of the system for your first tournament.

If there is anything you feel we've missed that you'd like covered please let us know by posting below. Additionally if you have any ideas for future improvements to the system we are always happy to hear from you.


When you go to the Tournament Page (which can be located in the top navigation menu of any page), you will see a list of all upcoming tournaments, the time and platform/game they are played on, the number of teams registered, entry requirements, team sizes and prize pool up for grabs.

Any Tournaments you are currently signed up for are highlighted in yellow.

You can use the filter at the top left of the page to display platform specific tournaments.

Take note of the different kinds of tournaments.
  • Free to Play
  • Premium Required
  • Pay to Play
If there are no indications in the title and the entry fee column is set at $0.00 then the tournament is Free to Play and open for anyone to sign up to.

In the sub-title of the tournament you may find [Premium Required] which means all members of your team must have CG Premium in order to register. These tournaments have small prize pools that usually pay out the top 2 teams.

If the title contains [P2P] then the tournament requires an entry fee payment in order to compete. The entry fee amount is displayed in the overview page and represents the entry payment per eligible player. These tournaments payout a much higher prize amount, which is made up from the entry fees and a CyberGamer contribution.

On the overview page you can see the number of teams that have currently registered compared to the cap for this tournament. For example the above image shows 13 eligible teams currently registered of the maximum number of 16 teams.

How to Sign Up

In the left hand column you can find all the information you need about the specific tournament. The right hand column displays the teams that have currently registered and at the bottom of the page is a chat log that players can communicate to search for a team and report any issues.

If you want to play in the tournament but don't have a team, you can click 'Look for a team' in the top right of the page and write a short message for teams to see.

Teams can see your message and pick you up if they want you in their team.

You can also directly apply to join a team.

You can create your own team by clicking 'Join Tournament' in the top right of the page. You will then need to enter a team name and invite the tournament minimum number of players to your team.

To make sure your team is good to go you need to ready up within 2hrs prior to the commencement of the tournament. Failure to do this will result in your team being removed from the tournament.


Once registrations have been confirmed and the tournament is ready to go the system will take a few minutes to generate a bracket and the matches required. Please be patient during this process.

Use the Tournament Navigation bar to view the bracket and your matches.

You can click 'Match Details' located below a match on the bracket to view your match or any other match on the bracket.

You will receive a notification with a link to your current match page or you can locate it via the bracket.

The tournament will either assign you the map rotation for that series or you will be able to VETO for the maps you will play.

VETO is when you vote for a map you don't want to play. It will be taken out of the rotation and the remaining maps will be played.

If you are VETO'ing for your map rotation you will have a timer counting down how long each team has to place their map VETO.

A captain of the team currently assigned to VETO simply clicks the button below the map they wish to VETO.

The maps remaining form the map rotation for that series.

At the completion of the match both teams are required to enter the score, located in the top right of the match page.

At the completion of your match both teams are required to enter the scores in the match page as you would in any CyberGamer match.

If you have any questions or ideas for additions to be added to this thread please post them below and let us know.

Many Thanks,
CyberGamer Administration

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