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CyberGamer is proud to announce our weekly Paragon Draft Night! You do not a need a team for this event to participate for as this is a pug tournament. Captains will be chosen, and allowed to pick 1 player to join their roster. The remaining 3 players will be chosen at random and placed your team. This is a single elimination tournament and will take place on our Discord.

How to participate:

  • Sign up here
  • Must be in Draft Lobby on our discord here prior to start of the event
  • Rules and General Information will be explained prior to start of the event.

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Growing the Competitive Scene
There's always more than one way to grow something, whether it is milk or a life lesson. Competitive gaming communities are a very exciting beast to not tame but guide in a positive direction, ways that this is done:

  • Creating a team
  • Joining a team
  • Participating in community discussions (discord chat rooms, reddit, facebook, twitter)
  • Joining and supporting as many competitive events as possible
  • Donating via matcherino which will be adding the prize pool of our events and help keep things going forward as we negotiate with future sponsors on your behalf to continuously raise the prizes and grow the competitive scene

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