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Hey guys, we moved back the start of the tournament to 12pm Central Standard Time (CST) due to the high amount of EU teams that are participating. We felt that for our first tournament we wanted to accommodate as many players as possible, and given that it is a Sunday we feel players are pretty flexible. Sorry for change in times we hope this is not inconvenience. In the coming weeks, we hope to get things up and going for Black Squad on our EU side.

General Information about the website:

The tournament will officially start at 12pm CST. Expect the bracket to be up by 12:10pm CST at the latest (takes times for the bracket to be generated by the website). Once the bracket is created, each team will have a match page. On the match page exchange Steam information between your opponent in the match comments. Discord is not required, unless you prefer to get everything set up over voice. I'll create a couple channels in discord just in case. After your match, there will be a big red button at the top right of the match page "Submit Scores". We encourage both teams to submit scores at the end of the match to allow for the bracket to advance faster.

I wrote this article that may help you guys out (This example is with the Veto System which is not enabled for this tournament)

How to: Tournament System

The "Ready Up" period starts 3 hours before. This is just a final confirmation for teams to ensure us they will be participating in the event(helps avoiding a lot no shows). This final confirmation Ready up button will appear in the top right of this tournament page under where your team members are listed 3 hours before the tournament(You can't miss it). Make sure your team has Readied up before 11:50cst or you will be removed from the tournament.

Note: The Ready / Eligible that is seen before the "Ready up" period just shows that your team has the minimum amount of players to play and that they are all verified through stream. This is not the same as the "Ready up" period 3 hours before tournament start.

To clarify the coin flip will just determine what region will be played on first(NA east or EU west). A referee will assist in these matches to ensure that the coin flip is fair. Alternating locations each map to allow for a fair match. This will only occur of course for NA vs EU matches. We have released the set maps for each round found under Tournament Information.

I also want to clear things up, due to the bracket not being evenly distributed between NA and EU teams. We will manually seed out teams the best way possible. Having the most NA only matches played and the most EU only matches played. Note it is possible that we may have a NA vs EU match round 1 or best case we may not see one till the semis or finals.

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