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GUID: da6fd18b
Full GUID: 9321e0a92dfb7649fd047353da6fd18b
Location: CA Canada, Quebec - Quebec
Alias: {PUG-i}PTIPAT
CG Username: ptipat
Seen:8 times, 17th Jan 2011 to 6th Feb 2011
Played:1 Hour 1 Minute
CG Standing:Loading...
CG User:ptipat
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Aliases Used
{PUG-i}SGT.MARIUS 26m {PUG-i}PTIPAT 25m ptipat 10m
Seen in Servers
US CGo - roll the dice vs EVOLUTION
26m US We in dis nigga
US gameRAGE Gaming idle #gameRAGE
10m US bamf gaming [chi] sponsored by #RSO www.bamf...
Most Recent GEO Locations [Beta]
9:20pm 2/6/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
9:02pm 2/2/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
10:16pm 1/30/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
11:32pm 1/26/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
5:56pm 1/24/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
7:30pm 1/19/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
10:52pm 1/18/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
10:45pm 1/17/11CACanada, Quebec - Quebec
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