View Profile Vertical Rise
Ranking: #2
Wins 9
Losses 4
Last Time: Won (15354 - 15353) View
Rivalry 2 wins
Streak 1
View Profile Team Mediocre
Ranking: #4
Wins 5
Losses 10
Last Time: Loss (15353 - 15354) View
Rivalry 0 wins
Streak 3
Who do you think will win?
100% Vertical Rise
0% Team Mediocre
3 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 131334
Match Status: Completed
Match Time: 30/5/11 - Monday 8:30PM CST More
Played: 2303 days, 12 hours, 9 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 5:46pm 5/24/11
Sent By: dawkins at 5:46pm 5/24/11
Accepted By: alexi21 at 6:10pm 5/24/11
Game: PC, Left 4 Dead 2
Challenger: Vertical Rise
Defender: Team Mediocre
Map: c2m1_highway
Post Match Results
Vertical Rise submitted: dawkins
Vertical Rise Scored: 4644
Team Mediocre Scored: 1284
Team Mediocre submitted: alexi21
Vertical Rise Scored: 4644
Team Mediocre Scored: 1284
Post Match
Winner: Vertical Rise
Vertical Rise: 4644
Team Mediocre: 1284
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