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Ranking: #13
Wins 3
Losses 6
Last Time: Won (4103 - 1529) View
Rivalry 2 wins
Streak 2
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Ranking: #7
Wins 4
Losses 10
Last Time: Loss (1529 - 4103) View
Rivalry 1 wins
Streak 3
Who do you think will win?
50% Determined Unwanted Bastards
50% TheRapists
4 Votes
Match Details
Match ID: 131903
Match Status: Completed
Match Time: 2/6/11 - Thursday 8:30PM CST More
Played: 2486 days, 6 hours, 35 min ago
Min Notice: 24 Hours
Challenge Created: 11:53pm 5/27/11
Sent By: Toastie12 at 11:53pm 5/27/11
Accepted By: D~Tard at 9:33pm 5/28/11
Game: PC, Left 4 Dead 2
Challenger: Determined Unwanted Bastards
Defender: TheRapists
Map: c2m1_highway
Post Match Results
Determined Un... submitted: Toastie12
Determined Unwanted Bastards Scored: 2408
TheRapists Scored: 916
TheRapists submitted: TantraSin
Determined Unwanted Bastards Scored: 2408
TheRapists Scored: 916
Post Match
Winner: Determined Unwanted Bastards
Determined Unwanted Bastards: 2408
TheRapists: 916
Determined U... write up: We played the match... the server restarted on us due to another game at c2m4_Barns (or whatever the prefix is).. the score was 1556-766 in favor of Determined. Then the final score of the 2nd part was 902-150 in favor of Determined. Final score 2408-916
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