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Ranking: #6
Wins 3
Losses 3
Last Time: -
Rivalry -
Streak 3
Ranking: #7
Wins 1
Losses 5
Last Time: -
Rivalry -
Streak 2
Match Details
Match ID: 714966
Match Status: Waiting on Moloko Drencrom to offer
Competition: Overwatch Summer League
Match Time: Waiting on Moloko Drencrom to offer times.
Offerable times Will be between 12:00am Tue, Jul 19th and 12:00am Mon, Jul 25th
Offering team has taken to long and last offerable time is now in the past, admin must fix
Min Notice: 15 Minutes
Challenge Created: 5:10pm 7/19/16
Created by Admin: Xink
Game: PC, Overwatch
Challenger: Moloko Drencrom
Defender: Dusk
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