CyberGamer verified teams information
CyberGamer verified teams:
Verified teams are stable teams that have been competing on CyberGamer at any skill level for over 6 months with consistent activity and minimal changes to their player roster.

To receive verified status a team must maintain meeting the following requirements:
- Team has played in the previous two CyberGamer seasons (Roughly 6 months of activity)
- All players on the team have an active CyberGamer account with a verified email address
- The team has had fewer than 3 changes to their roster in the previous 6 months
- None of their players have received a ban longer than 1 week in the past 3 years.
- All players meet the CyberGamer code of conduct within and outside of CyberGamer. Reported issues will result in the loss of verified status.

Only games that are at least 4v4 are able to receive verified status.

CyberGamer GOLD verified teams:
Gold verified teams have also made the finals in a major competition in the last 12 months.